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So, there are some things happening. After more than ten years of observing, working within and composing music for a small part of the world of modern dance in New York, I have begun the process of writing a dance film to shoot and produce. I have an idea/treatment, several  brilliant ladies to do the dancing (my lovely wife among them), and a camera to shoot with. I need to write what I know instead of merely thinking about it.

I have a knack for hellish introspection, and it’s high time I put it to good use.

One of the funny things about obsessive thought is that it tends to become an activity all in itself. The hardest thing for me has been to channel it into some useful form. The difference now is that I have support. I have discovered that trying to do it all by myself, which once seemed a noble endeavor, turns out to be an exercise in futility if you don’t have the ego to back it up.

In conclusion, Imaginary Reader, wish me and the ladies luck and hopefully by next year not only will we be submitting to every film festival we can afford to, we may even be showing at one. Incidentally, if you know of any good grant/funding sources, let us know in the comments that you won’t be posting due to your lack of existence.

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Seven Pillars Feature on Into Sunlight

The folks at Seven Pillars House have been kind enough to not only showcase Robin Becker Dance’s Into Sunlight  on their homepage for October, but to post my films to the article as well. If you follow the link to the Robin Becker Interview and scroll down a bit, you will see both the Into Sunlight MicroDoc and the Georgetown Trailer.

Please read the article and peruse the gallery as well; Robin and company have worked very hard to create a work that embraces the need for healing and is artistically significant. Consider a donation if you would.

as promised…The Into Sunlight MicroDoc!

Dancer Interviews and Rehearsal footage from Robin Becker Dance NYC season of Into Sunlight.

Into Sunlight Promo

The beginning of our video association with Into Sunlight and Robin Becker Dance, this is from footage shot at dress rehearsal for the Georgetown 2012 performance


And it’s a wrap…shooting is complete for the Into Sunlight micro-doc! Now to practice the fine Art of Concision (concisement?) and distill over 2-1/2 hours of footage into 2-1/2 minutes of thought provoking, inspiring and informative video.

Please enjoy this still of Oisin Monaghan and Nicole Sclafani rehearsing their duet.Time to redline my CPU’s once more – talk to you after post…

Into Sunlight Interview/Micro-Doc Short

We are currently shooting a short film for Into Sunlight, an evening-length work by Robin Becker Dance based on David Maraniss’ book, They Marched Into Sunlight. Consisting of rehearsal footage and the dancer’s impressions of the work and its significance, the film will be posted on the Seven Pillars website during the latter half of September/early October.

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